Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I miss you mom…

Peace be on her soul!

Did someone call my name
Like a distant drum is beating
Or is it just another dream of long ago?

I dance again, I am spinning
In the light I am living
And I can feel the power rushing through my veins


My Brilliant Feat - Colin Hay

Eureka Tower, Melbourne, Australia - November 2013

Very nice place to visit. You can see all Melbourne from one place.

Cruel Life…

Too many words are sharper than spears
Too many looks can burn your skin more than fire
Too many promises thrown here and there
Too many lies take you deep in the dark
How can you know what’s right or what’s wrong
When everything looks the same in the dark
When there is nothing but an iceberg
When there is no horizon
No moon
No stars
And a dying Orion’s Belt

I dream of…
Growing claws and teeth to protect you
Being the shield that protect you from fire and spears
Filling the horizon with lights and stars
Melting the top of my iceberg
Making myself pure and clear
Showing you what’s right 
Keeping my faults away
Diving too deep to show you the truth
Promising you happy life and for that promise…
I promise you forever to keep

But it’s too late…
I’m between life and death
Don’t let my strength fools you
I’m weak and dying
Take me under your wing
Role me over your bed
Give me one of your last breaths
Let me die on your chest
Then make my skin your nest


Abdullah Ayyash (13/04/2014)

It got to be real…

I can feel it all coming
It won’t heel everything
But it will make my day

I can’t hide my affection
I won’t tell you to predict
But I hope you cross my way

Abdullah Ayyash (13/04/2014)

Memories! Memories!

My only true friend today, the “loyal spider”.